XNote Stopwatch
Latest version: 1.68

Download and License info

Note: From time to time, any antivirus becomes too paranoid and erroneously bans innocuous downloads. This phenomenon called "false positive". To ensure that's so (i.e. no virus inside a download), click the link next to the download and you will see that no other antivirus has found problems. Reports are provided by an industry leading antivirus aggregator VirusTotal.

XNote Stopwatch is "try-before-you-buy" software. You may download free evaluation version of the software:

Version 1.68 (standalone/portable exe, 575 KiB): Version 1.68 (installation zip, 517 KiB):

The software may be used and evaluated free of charge and without time limit. However if XNote Stopwatch fits your needs and you wish to use it without limitations of free evaluation version you must purchase a license (prices start from €49).


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