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Command line

Command line options in general intended to customize and automate applications behaviour. XNote Stopwatch also has a few ones:

xnsw.exe [start] [/c=<config file>] [/f=<session file>]

start — automatically starts the stopwatch/timer at launch.

/c — assign a config file. If the specified file does not exist, default settings are applied and the file is created at exit.

/f — load a session file.

Unless you specify full path to these files the current directory is used.


xnsw.exe start /c=eggtimer.ini
Launches XNote Stopwatch with egg timer settings you have customized earlier and automatically starts the timer.

xnsw.exe /f="My Cartoon.xnsw"
Launches XNote Stopwatch with the session file My Cartoon.xnsw where you store timing of scenes of your cartoon. This is similar to double-clicking the My Cartoon.xnsw in the Windows Explorer.

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