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What's new

Version 1.60
  • Added: MS Excel integration.
  • Added: Minimizing to system tray.
  • Added: Clock mode.
  • Changed: Hotkeys subsystem.
Version 1.50
  • Added: Customizable time formats.
  • Added: Multiple stopwatches/timers support.
  • Added: Command line support.
  • Added: Contact bounce elimination of the external serial COM port control.
  • Added: Raising a signal on serial COM port as a timer alarm.
  • Added: Ability to play MP3 and other audio files as a timer alarm.
  • Added: Display transparency foolproof.
  • Fixed: Moving by any part of window under Vista.
  • Fixed: Color of border in Compact state.
  • Fixed: Better multimonitor configurations support.
  • Deleted: Windows 95/98/ME/NT support.
Version 1.40
  • Added: External control through serial COM port.
Version 1.39
  • Added: Ability to change the digits font.
  • Added: Display transparency.
  • Added: Display refresh rate.
  • Added: Ability to save the Results list to a text file.
  • Added: Countdown options: "Start in stopwatch mode" and "Restart" (formerly "Periodic").
  • Fixed: Other minor bugfixes and improvements.
Version 1.38
  • Added: Ability to set a periodic timer.
  • Added: Ability to change the colors of background and digits.
  • Added: "PC Time" column in the Results list.
Version 1.37
  • Added: Ability to hide any column in the Results window and Clipboard.
  • Added: Compatibility with national standards of time and decimal representation to improve interaction with MS Excel and other applications.
Version 1.36
  • Fixed: Overflow if time is more than 5-6 hours.
Version 1.35
  • Fixed: Occasional PC Speaker failure.
Version 1.34
  • Added: Alarm events when the timer expires: PC Speaker beep, playing a .wav file, executing an external application, etc.
Version 1.33
  • Added: Countdown timer mode.
  • Fixed: Small fixes and improvements.
Version 1.32
  • Added: Ability to customize decimal seconds formats.
Version 1.31
  • Added: "Comment" column in the Results list.
  • Added: Results window is resizable now.
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