Excel cursor does not advance correctly

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Excel cursor does not advance correctly

Unread postby lbpdk » Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:27 pm

I am using XNoteStopwatch to time an amateur Triathlon event and I am using a bar code reader to scan the participants, when they arrive at the finishing line. The bar code reader returns the following string: <CTRL A>XXXX<CR> where XXXX is a 4 digit number read from an armwrist. The problem comes when using the Excel integration. XnoteSW is setup with <CTRL A> as a snap hotkey, and the cell specs for Excel is "A4", I have the cursor in Excel set in cell "B4", and was expecting the following:

Time from XNSW goes in cell A4 triggered by <CTRL A>
The 4-digit number goes in B4 (because the cursor is there)
The <CR> advances the cursor in Excel down to B5, and I expect XNoteSW to advance its internal cell reference to A5.
It works for the first 2 participants, but after that all XNSW times go to cell A5 every time, even though the 4-digits from the bar code reader advances down the spreadsheet.
If I test it using the keyboard end enters <CTRL A> it works like expected, but of course I dont get the values from the bar code reader.
Can any one help with this problem, and tell me how to configure it, if that is the my problem
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Re: Excel cursor does not advance correctly

Unread postby Stopwatch » Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:45 pm

Any external application (like XNSW) is unable to act in a sheet once one is in the cell edit mode. It seems that XNSW is able to put the time value but has not time to obtain a reference to the next cell. Rise <CTRL A> as a final keypress.
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