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VLC integration

Unread postby chirigami » Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:23 pm

I am trying to use XNote Stopwatch as a timing application for some experiments at my laboratory. However many of the video formats we use are not compatible with Windows Media Player, and we usually use VLC Player.

I would love if VLC support could be added, it's a much more versatile media player than Windows Media Player.

Is there any chance for this to happen?
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Re: VLC integration

Unread postby Stopwatch » Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:38 pm

It's all about potential user-base. If it is a relevant feature for many, I will implement it promptly. Otherwise, I prefer to invest my time and efforts into more demanded projects.
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Re: VLC integration

Unread postby Levery » Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:22 pm

Honestly, it would be cool to have VLC integration. I'm not sure how many people would be using it, but I certainly would.
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