Feature request - a way to make a config file readonly

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Feature request - a way to make a config file readonly

Unread postby pbowers » Fri Jan 29, 2021 10:34 am

I want to set up my config file and then call XNote Stopwatch with the /c=XYZ option from the windows scheduler via certain triggers.

However, each time I do this and exit the program it updates the config file.

I want a 5 minute countdown timer that starts again from 5 minutes each time I start it. Instead it re-saves the config file and so my countdown starts again wherever it left off. (And if I tell it to start counting up after the countdown completes then it keeps counting up.)

It would be good to have a


or something like that at the top that tells XNote Stopwatch NOT to write anything to the config file when it exits.

I recognize that I can use windows file attributes to make it readonly, but that's a kludge. There really ought to be a way to do it within the program.
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