Testimonial: Using XNote for race timing

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Re: Testimonial: Using XNote for race timing

Unread postby bjorn36 » Tue May 02, 2017 9:51 pm


Is it possible to get a schematic showing witch signal goes where?
I´m struggling to figure out witch signal (PNP/NPN) to use and if you use negative or positive.
I´m using the Autonics sensor.

Also I would be more than grateful if someone could give me a tip on how to wire 3 sensors to 2 watches. My system is a 100 meter sprint system that also gives us the time at 50 meters. So it´s got start, 50 meter and stop (100 meter).
Today my system is built in a Peli case with battery and 2 clocks but I would like to get it integrated to Xnote and excel and from there on to a big display :)

Hope that someone can help out :)
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