XNote Stopwatch
Latest version: 1.68

What's new
Version 1.68
  • Fixed: COM port control might not work.
Version 1.67
  • Added: Days option in Time format.
  • Added: ESC to return from full-screen.
  • Changed: Multi-instance feature completely redesigned.
  • Changed: Timestamp provider now is High Precision Event Timer.
  • Fixed: Reposition after screen-saver.
  • Fixed: Ignored Alt, Ctrl, Shift modifiers of Bring to top hotkey.
  • Fixed: Could not open COM ports greater than 9.
  • Fixed: Scroll difficulties in list of Excel sheets.
  • Fixed: Skip contact bounce did not work in Clock mode.
  • Fixed: Full-screen reverted when Timer reaches 0 and Flash enabled.
  • Fixed: Snap hotkey and Snap external control line did not work in WMP.
Version 1.66
  • Added: LCD/VFD/LED external displays.
Version 1.65
  • Added: Full-screen option.
Version 1.64
  • Added: Windows Media Player as an external time source.
Version 1.63
  • Added: Jumping clock feature.
  • Added: Revolutions per minute (RPM) option.
  • Added: Interleaving display of the last Snap time.
Version 1.62
  • Added: Windows 7 Sensors support.
Version 1.61
  • Added: Digits Only transparency mode.
  • Fixed: Lots of small fixes and improvements.
Version 1.60
  • Added: MS Excel integration.
  • Added: Minimizing to system tray.
  • Added: Clock mode.
  • Changed: Hotkeys subsystem.
  • Android version. Let us know what features you are the most awaing for.

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